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Whilst technically this site is dedicated towards bullhorn megaphones, it seems that increasingly the world is referring to them as just “megaphones”. So, in order to help you buy our next one, here are some quick tips on where to buy your next megaphone.

  • There can be no substitute for actually getting your hands on a device and actually trying out for yourself. Back in the day, there were no electric portable megaphones - they all used the conical shape to project sound, but in this day age, so much is dependent on the electronics and build quality, that being able to try one out is very helpful

  • That said, there are relatively few stores and outlets that actually stock bullhorn megaphones, and fewer still that will let you try them

  • If you are unable to find a stockist locally, you should turn to the Internet, where - luckily - other users and consumers are able to share their stories about various products with us all. This is especially useful when you are trying to weigh up between two different models or brands with similar specs - the added benefit peoples hindsight can really help you reach a decision.

  • Due to the relatively nice nature of these megaphones, it is often not possible to buy them directly from the manufacturers - thy simply do not have the supply chain systems. There are a number of different options online for buying, but you should always look for customer service and support in case your megaphone is not quite right

  • Shopping and buying via Google Products or Amazon* is the best ways to go, really. You can check out the selection - ranked in order of popularity over here on Amazon.

Remember, there are many different features to modern megaphones these days, so be sure to do your research before you buy. On this site we have a number of different articles for bullhorn megaphone reviews, so feel free to browse them at your leisure.