Bullhorn Megaphone

What's the best bullhorn megaphone?

What's the best bullhorn megaphone?

In the run up to Christmas, many people will be looking to get themselves - or someone else - a megaphone or bullhorn megaphone. Naturally people want to get the best they can for their money, and in these dark economic times, that may not be as much as they hoped for.

In this post we will address a few points to make sure you get the best megaphone for your needs in the run up to Christmas.

Tips for buying the best megaphone

  • Avoid the cheaper generic import brands. Although it is attractive when you consider the lower price, they really can be very unreliable, meaning that if it doesn’t break in the first few months, it will slowly fall to bits and won’t really stand up to much in terms of hard wear and wet weather.

  • You do not always need the most powerful megaphone in the world. There are a number of different 20 watt or even 1000 yard megaphones on the market, but it is probably only a very small percentage of people that will actually need something this powerful. Instead, go for a good balance of power and portability that suits your purpose.

  • Remember the batteries! Whilst the more powerful megaphones are very impressive, they tend to get through more battery juice than the lower power versions. The batteries are pretty heavy and can be expensive, so this is another consideration.

  • Branded is best, and even if you manage to get a non-imported but quality megaphone, it is worth bearing in mind that these are quite complex bits of electronic kit, so you are better off with the more reliable and established brands.

Amazon has a great selection of some of the best megaphones, and offer pretty good prices too. You can check out their selection here.