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Fanon MV-16S Megaphone

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This is the third Fanon megaphone we have reviewed here on BullhornMegaphone.info. We have looked at the MV-20s and the MV-10s, so as you might imagine, the MV-16s sits between the two in terms of power, performance and of course the all important price.

As with other Fanon’s, you get a very reliable and sturdy construction with this model - they are some of the best megaphone manufacturers in the world, and many of their models are used by the US Armed Forces for outdoor exercises and coordination; certainly not a bad accolade.

This 16s model does not include the detachable microphone piece that we see on the more expensive 20s, but these microphones are not always that useful, and can add extra weight to something that is already quite heavy.

There is, of course, the usual pistol trigger style talk switch, which ensures you are not wasting any battery as you stand around with the megaphone and not actually speaking through it. There is a built in volume control, which is particularly effective in the Fanon devices - some of the more generic ones do not havea very accurate control; it’s either full blast or inaudible.

There is a built in alarm system to quick grab attention from a crowd, and the weather proof construction insures you won’t be left in the quiet on rainy days.

As the Fanon MV-20s is regarded as a 1000 yard megaphone and the MV-10s as a 600 yarder, it makes sense to hear that this MV-16s - nestled in the middle - is capable of amplifying voice over 800 yards, which is a claim we don’t often see on the more generic brands.

Overall this a is a great bullhorn megaphone, and if you can afford it, we would strongly recommend it as a high end, robust performer. You can check it out here on Amazon, who offer the best prices and shipping options.