Bullhorn Megaphone

Is it worth buying a cheap megaphone?

Sometimes I get asked if it is worth spending the money on cheap or inexpensive megaphones. It is hard for me to answer this, because not everyone is in the financial position to buy a mid or top range megaphone.

As you can see from Amazon, there are a number of different options for buying a megaphone under $25.

Now, if you didn’t have much money to spend, and needed a good megaphone, I would always advocate going for a proper brand. Given the tight spending options, this would rule out a fanon megaphone, but you could still get a Champion or a Pyle.

Both of these are USA megaphone manufactures, which means you should get more reliability and durability from your purchase, especially when compared to the cheaper imported models, which are really not worth spending the money on.

Remember, even though you might not have much to spend, you can still spend smart.