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Megaphone - ThunderPower 100 - 12 Watts of Power

Megaphone - ThunderPower 100 - 12 Watts of Power
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I suppose it’s only natural that as a new ThunderPower megaphone is released, then we would put up a review of this great brand. We already have the ThunderPower 150 and 200 bullhorn megaphones reviewed here, so whilst this 100 is the baby brother of the group, it is definitely worth mentioning as it will surely satisfy someone’s need out there who does not need the power of the larger models, but is still looking for a great product and brand to back it up.

What we commonly see with the ThunderPower megaphones is that the clear and accurate sound projection is well above some of the more generic megaphone brands. There are a few bullhorn brands that set the bar high - they are of course Fanon, Pyle, Champion and a bit newer to the scene is ThunderPower. However, their relative “new guy” status does not mean their models are lacking in any way.

Obviously the lower power of this ThunderPower 100 means that it is not going to be the bullhorn megaphone to choose for large scale outdoor events. It is much better suited to indoor events, as the light weight and compact size of this ThunderPower has obviously lead to the sacrifice of raw voice projecting power.

ThunderPower megaphones are considered to be commercial grade kit, and we have not heard a bad thing said about them since we have started reviewing them here on Bullhorn Megaphone.info.

At this lower power end of the market, you have a lot more choice available as to what megaphone to get. However, a lot of choice is not always a good thing, as it can start to complicate things. The most important thing to think about is that you want your megaphone to be reliable, robust and most importantly still working next year - a lot of the cheaper imported generic brands will let you down in this department. ThunderPower are targeted the more light weight end of the market with this 100 model, but it delivers a lot more than those other megaphones in the same class.

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The Fanon MV20S Megaphone

The Fanon MV20S Megaphone
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The Fanon MV20S Megaphone is - to be quite honest - by the most powerful, impressive and reliable megaphone that money can buy.

Having used quite a handful of different bullhorn megaphones over the years, it is always a pleasure to attend and marshal an event where the organizers have thought that only the very best would do when it comes to communication and crowd control.

To briefly summarize this beast, you have:

  • 1000 yards range for amplification
  • Entirely weatherproof construction, including the detachable mic
  • Dynamic microphone and built in volume control to prevent you deafening the crowd
  • Alarm, microphone hooks, and stand all come as standard

If you are in the market for a new megaphone and have a reasonably loose budget, then you really need look no further than the Fanon MV20s!

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What's the best bullhorn megaphone?

What's the best bullhorn megaphone?

In the run up to Christmas, many people will be looking to get themselves - or someone else - a megaphone or bullhorn megaphone. Naturally people want to get the best they can for their money, and in these dark economic times, that may not be as much as they hoped for.

In this post we will address a few points to make sure you get the best megaphone for your needs in the run up to Christmas.

Tips for buying the best megaphone

  • Avoid the cheaper generic import brands. Although it is attractive when you consider the lower price, they really can be very unreliable, meaning that if it doesn’t break in the first few months, it will slowly fall to bits and won’t really stand up to much in terms of hard wear and wet weather.

  • You do not always need the most powerful megaphone in the world. There are a number of different 20 watt or even 1000 yard megaphones on the market, but it is probably only a very small percentage of people that will actually need something this powerful. Instead, go for a good balance of power and portability that suits your purpose.

  • Remember the batteries! Whilst the more powerful megaphones are very impressive, they tend to get through more battery juice than the lower power versions. The batteries are pretty heavy and can be expensive, so this is another consideration.

  • Branded is best, and even if you manage to get a non-imported but quality megaphone, it is worth bearing in mind that these are quite complex bits of electronic kit, so you are better off with the more reliable and established brands.

Amazon has a great selection of some of the best megaphones, and offer pretty good prices too. You can check out their selection here.

Fanon MV-16S Megaphone

Fanon MV-16S Megaphone
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This is the third Fanon megaphone we have reviewed here on BullhornMegaphone.info. We have looked at the MV-20s and the MV-10s, so as you might imagine, the MV-16s sits between the two in terms of power, performance and of course the all important price.

As with other Fanon’s, you get a very reliable and sturdy construction with this model - they are some of the best megaphone manufacturers in the world, and many of their models are used by the US Armed Forces for outdoor exercises and coordination; certainly not a bad accolade.

This 16s model does not include the detachable microphone piece that we see on the more expensive 20s, but these microphones are not always that useful, and can add extra weight to something that is already quite heavy.

There is, of course, the usual pistol trigger style talk switch, which ensures you are not wasting any battery as you stand around with the megaphone and not actually speaking through it. There is a built in volume control, which is particularly effective in the Fanon devices - some of the more generic ones do not havea very accurate control; it’s either full blast or inaudible.

There is a built in alarm system to quick grab attention from a crowd, and the weather proof construction insures you won’t be left in the quiet on rainy days.

As the Fanon MV-20s is regarded as a 1000 yard megaphone and the MV-10s as a 600 yarder, it makes sense to hear that this MV-16s - nestled in the middle - is capable of amplifying voice over 800 yards, which is a claim we don’t often see on the more generic brands.

Overall this a is a great bullhorn megaphone, and if you can afford it, we would strongly recommend it as a high end, robust performer. You can check it out here on Amazon, who offer the best prices and shipping options.

Fanon MV10s Megaphone

Fanon MV10s Megaphone
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This is definitely not the first Fanon megaphone we have seen here, but the excitement of getting our hands on another of these great models has not worn off yet.

We have previously reviewed the Fanon MV20s bullhorn megaphone, and despite being pretty expensive, it is a truly remarkable bit of kit that really gets the job done in any weather, in any environment and for any event.

As you can probably deduce from the model numbers, this Fanon MV-10s is the little brother to the more powerful 20 Watt minimum power that you get from the MV-20s.

With 16 watts of power, this smaller - but still powerful megaphone - has been designed and engineered to be able to amplify your voice over a modest 600 yards. Whilst not as powerful as the 1000 yard megaphones, it still packs a punch. The benefit of buying a Fanon megaphone - no matter what model you get - is that they really do what they say on the tin and are robust and reliable to boot.

There is a reason that these well engineered megaphones are used by the US Armed Forces for training and operational deployments, and this 10s is no exception.

It is suited to both indoor and outdoor use, and with its variable volume control, you are guaranteed not to blow the ear drums of anyone in a confined space. It has a remarkably robust housing, and you can throw it about on the conrecte or brick walls without worrying too much that it is going to fall apart on you - not something that can be said for the smaller generic brands that get imported from China.

The inbuilt microphone is very reliable, and projects and amplifies your voice very clearly. It also has the benefit of a foghorn function, which we don’t often see in these smaller, less powerful models

All in, this is another amazing offering from Fanon. You pay slightly more for their products, but you can rest assured that the money you do spend is well invested, as these megaphones will serve you well for years to come.

You can check out the Fanon MV10S Megaphone over on Amazon, who offer the best prices around.

Getting a megaphone on your iPhone

Getting a megaphone on your iPhone

With the explosion of iPhones over the last few years, more and more people are turning to them to use as portable electronic gadgets no matter what the need. It seems that the iPhone has now started taking on the megaphone market, with apps abound to turn your phone into a bullhorn megaphone!

Needless to say - and sorry to be sour about this one - but an iPhone will never replace the utility of a proper megaphone, at least not in the near future. Whilst a megaphone amplifies and projects your voice over great distances (and uses up a lot of battery juice at the same time!), these iPhone apps only just amplify your voice a little, and add a sort of megaphone style distortion to your voice. Definitely a cool gadget, but probably not going to win any loudspeaker competitions anytime soon.

You can check out the app over on the Apple app store, but don’t go expecting to do any crowd control with the app!

Where do you buy mega phones?

If you are in the market for a new megaphone, then you have probably already realized that it is not that easy to find them in popular stores and shops. Sure there are some of the cheaper, more generic megaphones that are pretty cheap. Unfortunately, this means that they aren’t of the best quality.

The bigger players in the megaphone market - Fanon, Pyle, Campion and Thunderpower often only sell direct to businesses or commercial entities, so it is hard to buy direct from them - you can’t just walk into their stores to pick one up, because they don’t have any stores!

It is possible to track them down in some of the larger, out of town supermarkets and specialist electronics and sports stores, but this is more or less an exercise in futility as you drive around trying to find them.

This really just leaves us with the Internet as a good source for research. There are a lot of less reputable sites out there with product listings and a lack of information, and what we are trying to do here is create a central resource for finding out about different megaphones, offer reviews and help provide the best buying options for you. Unfortunately, as this is just a website for informational purposes only, and we don’t have any stock to sell onto you.

We have found however, that Amazon gives you the best price and a pretty wide selection. It is where we buy our review models (sometimes manufacturers donate them), and we find it a pretty good experience in all.

You can click here to browse some of the buying options, and please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any buying advice.