Bullhorn Megaphone

Thunderpower 200 Bullhorn Megaphone

Thunderpower 200 Bullhorn Megaphone Click Here

This is now the third Thunderpower megaphone we have reviewed here, having recently covered the “150” compact megaphone, and the first review we did of their products was the more beefy 35 Watt device (the “350”)

I don’t like to start reviews with talking about the price and value of a product, because before you have read the review, it is hard to assess the value for yourself, and there is no point in just blindly talking about how good bang for the buck something is without details. However, this model from Thunderpower offers almost unmatched value for the price (it was $69 when I wrote this).

With its 20 watts of power, this is certainly a very capable device, and you should be able to project your voice over at least 600 yards, and probably up to 800 yards on a good, still day.

The styling of the Thunderpower 200 is very similar to the other models by the company, and feature a blue base, white handle and white horn piece.

As with some of the other reputable brands, such as Pyle and Fanon, you get a very well built devices with Thunderpower. We have seen loads of megaphones here, and rarely have we advocated any of the generic, imported models without a brand name; it is just not work making an investment in something that might not see you through the year, and has tinny and weak sound aplification.

Thunderpower rate their products at a commercial grade, so if you are buying a bullhorn megaphone for home or club use, you really are getting a little bonus by buying with Thunderpower as they guarantee your product purchase.

Of course, with a larger and higher powered megaphone such as this, the battery requirements are pretty significant, with 8 x C batteries here. For ocassional use and without needing to use it over a long period of time, this should be fine, but bear it in mind when making your buying decision.

As always, Amazon offer the best prices and customer service for the Thunderpower 200. Click HERE to see the prices and different buying options.