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Pyle PMP30 Bullhorn Megaphone

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Pyle PMP30 Bullhorn Megaphone The Pyle PMP30 bullhorn megaphone is one of the lower-powered megaphones manufactured by USA megaphone giant Pyle. I have covered the PMP40 and bigger Pyle PMP50 megaphone models here before, and the PMP30 tells a similar, yet slightly lower powered story.

First, to cover the basics. The Pyle PMP30 bullhorn megaphone has a power rating of 30 watts and is advertised to be effective up to 800 yards. Obviously with this lower powered model, the 800 yards is going to be very dependent on the terrain, so don’t expect it to be clear through 800 yards of dense woodland if you are on a camping trip.

There is, however, an inbuilt variable volume control, so you could easily use this entry level bullhorn megaphone in enclosed spaces and indoors, as well as in the wide open spaces. There is - as with the majority of Pyle’s megaphones - a built-in siren for immediately attracting attention or signalling the start of an event.

What I do find with all Pyle bullhorn megaphones is that they are sturdy and have a solid construction. I have come across many of the cheaper import models, and whilst they deliver on the specifications on the side of the box, they often feel flimsy and liable to break easily. I have personally dropped a Pyle megaphone (it was a PMP50) on a concrete floor, and was pleased to see it didn’t crack (although people weren’t too impressed with the feedback!).

Many people feel like buying a Pyle you are partly paying for the branding, but I honestly believe that they are worth paying a bit more for the reliability and build quality.

As I mentioned, this is not the most powerful entry level bullhorn megaphone, but if you are away for a weekend and need something that you can rely on and not send your voice too far, you can’t go wrong with the Pyle PMP30.

The Pyle PMP30 bullhorn megaphone is currently listed on on Amazon, and there a number of different buying options if you think this is the megaphone for you.