Bullhorn Megaphone

Mega Mite Hand Held Megaphone

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Mega Mite Hand Held Megaphone

This bullhorn megaphone is definitely one for the casual user, but can offer a reliable megaphone experience for a very affordable price. I would recommend this megaphone for small scale sporting events, or even small scale drama events/rehearsals.

Unfortunately, beyond the more casual uses for this megaphone, you could be let down. I would argue that the volume really does not go high enough, even for the watt rating this model has. However, for the entry-level megaphone you would not expect the highest level of volume. In addition to this, the build quality is not the best. Whilst I haven't experienced any breakages with my model, many others have complained of bits snapping off and falling into the electrics. The overall look and fell of the megaphone is somewhat of the plasticy side, and I certainly would not want to risk dropping this.

There is not much more to add to what's been said already. This is a sufficient entry-level megaphone, but if you feel your megaphone needs will increase in the future, it would be worth spending a bit more on a sturdier, louder model. It would be a false economy to buy this and then replace it two months down the line, and I would not advocate the Mega Mite for anything more than casual, indoor use.

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