Bullhorn Megaphone

Bullhorn Megaphone - 50 Watt

Bullhorn Megaphone - 50 Watt

Bullhorn Megaphone 50-watt

This 50 watt bullhorn megaphone features adjustable volume control, optional hand held microphone and a pistol grip trigger. Because of the construction, it is lightweight yet impact resistant (I dropped it on my tiled floor without damaing it!).

Having used this megaphone for a few weeks now (at a variety of events), I can attest to the reliability of this model. In smaller events (such as a local sporting event), the volume control is particularly useful because it needs to be turned down to protect the hearing of those nearby. However, I have spoken to someone who uses the same model (white speaker, red grip and base) at a motor sports event and they have had no problems getting announcements and messages out to the crowds even with cars racing past the small grandstand.

Whilst this product is advertised as being able to operate indoors and outdoors, I would not advocate indoor usage on such a powerful megaphone, even with the volume right down low.

If you are interest in purchasing this 50 watt bullhorn megaphone, the following two links offer some of the lowest prices on the Internet.

Here is the 50 Watt Megaphone/ Bullhorn seems to be the same model and features as the one reviewed here. As ever, you can check with the supplier before committing to a purchase.