Bullhorn Megaphone

Best megaphones in the world

Best megaphones in the world

What is the worlds best bullhorn megaphone? This should not really be a subjective question, but the answer is always going to be based on the fitness for purpose of what you need a megaphone for.

In many instances, people can get by with a hand held, manual custom megaphone (one that is not electronically amplified), as these are able to project a loud voice over sufficient distances.

However, when it comes to projecting and amplifying voices over distance and for a prolonged duration, it is worth spending time thinking about what the best megaphone is for the job.

There are countless cheap bullhorn megaphones around, but beware the poor build quality and lack of projection that comes with a reduced price tag. Also, since the boom of manufacturing in the far east, there are a lot of low quality imitations flooding the market in the US.

Given that it is best to avoid these poor quality bullhorn megaphones, what options are left? Well, some of the more reputable brands such as Pyle, Fanon and Champion actually make a range of affordable bullhorn megaphones, and you also get the quality guarantee.

They might be renowned for their more expensive 1000 yard megaphone and most powerful megaphones, but they do offer plenty of less powerful and more affordable models too.

So remember, when shopping around for a bullhorn megaphone, you don’t have to go all out on the most expensive model, but you should also beware of the cheap imitation models that will provide a false economy and will only last so long.

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